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Faroe Islands
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Faroe Islands


A comprehensive introduction to the Faroes (Faeroe Islands).

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News from the bird world

Photos of the Faroes

Hundreds of photographs taken in the Faroe Islands.

Puffin Cartoons

Cartoons and other puffin things - all you need to know about the secret life of puffins. Meet Ludvík Lundi (Ludvik the puffin), born 1976 and still going strong!

Faroes (Faeroes) is a small Nordic land made up of 18 islands that lie between Iceland and Scotland in the subarctic region of the North Atlantic. It is part of Europe although not a member of the EU, has its own language, culture and flag, a population of 51.371 (1. januar 2019), about 70,000 sheep and millions of seabirds, a large number of which are puffins.

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