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A break in the cloud An evening view from Toftir, Eysturoy Toftir in the snow
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Faroe Islands
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Map of the Faroe Islands
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Weather in the Faroe Islands?


Yes ... there's a lot of weather in the Faroes!

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World Meteorological Organization - WMOFrom this page you can check the weather in the Faroe Islands from various services.
The first is from Danish Meteorological Institute via the World Meteorological Organization (WMO)
- a specialized agency of the United Nations.
BBC weather forecast for:
Klaksvík in the north of Faroes
Tvoroyri in the south of Faroes

THEYR forecast for Faroes

Yahoo weather report for Torshavn
Puffin in the rain
it rains ..."


Currently in the capital
Click for Torshavn, Faroe Islands Forecast

The average temperature in summer is about 11C (52F) and the average in the winter is about 3C (37F). The temperature seldom falls below freezing because of the gulf stream drift. It can seem colder though if it's wet and stormy and yes, it can be "damp" here as is to be expected for islands in the North Atlantic. The weather is very changeable and you can often experience many different kinds of weather in one day. There are also periods of calm clear weather when you really can see for miles.

The photos at the top of the page are: 1. A break in the cloud 2. An evening view from Toftir, Eysturoy 3. Toftir in the snow
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