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Toward Runavík Risin and Kellingin - The Giant and the Witch On a hillside in Fuglafjørd, Eysturoy
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Toftavatn Photos
South of Runavík is "Toftavatn", one of the most beautiful lakes in the Faroes, it is surrounded by very rich fauna and flora and the largest area of heather in the Faroes. The bird life in the area reaches its peak during the summer when it is visited by the many migrating birds which return every year to the Faroes to breed after having spent the winter in warmer climes. Bird watchers ought to bring binoculars when visiting this area. There are other lakes in the area, which are the habitat of many rare birds. The visitor must be careful not to disturb the countryside and bird life. Organized Bird-watching tours will be organized on request at the Tourist Information Offices.

The legend about the water elf (Nykin) is connected to Toftavatn. The story tells of the underwater being Nykin, that lived in Toftavatn. Sometimes it rose up in the form of a handsome young man or a horse that lured young women and children to it.
Everyone who touched the Nykin, was caught fast and was drawn down into the water with it. When you have experienced a misty evening in the Faroese countryside you can understand how in the olden days you might have been preoccupied with supernatural beings such as trolls and wood spirits. What in the day appears to be natural and ordinary - it can be a large rock or a sheep - can become weird shapes and sizes in the dark and mist.

It is possible to purchase fishing-licences for Toftavatn at the Tourist Information Offices on Eysturoy. One day licence: 50 DKK, one week licence 80 DKK and a licence for at year 100 DKK. Fishing licence is for rent in Runavík, contact the Tourist Information Offices.

The photos at the top of the page are: 1. Toward Runavík, Eysturoy 2. Risin and Kellingin - The Giant and the Witch, Eysturoy 3. On a hillside in Fuglafjørd, Eysturoy
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